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Cultural Activity Quotes From Previous Participants' Check Ins 


“During my first week here I took part of different activities organized by Human Resources such as movie nights and integrations. I have also got involved with many people from different countries and last week I went with my friends to New York where we visited some iconic places such as Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, China Town and Rockefeller Center.”

  - Student working at Kings Dominion Amusement Park on the Placement Program.


“In the lakes we do canoeing, that is what people who visit the town do and fishing. The native food is called Crapola, it was invented here. It is a granola mixed with apple and cranberries, I also drank a root beer from a lady that is an icon on the town and she left a special recipe for this”  

  - Student on the Independent program.


“I have joined Americans in worship at a church close by my apartment. I felt welcome. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and the members are amazing. I especially love the pianist, her skills are just amazing. Going to the amusement park was fun and also allowed for the opportunity to interact and socialize even more.”

  - Student on the Independent Program.


“We did go hiking on the Grand Canyon. It was a small hike but I did see a lot of things. I also rode the helicopter to see the whole Grand Canyon , it is a very nice experience and I will never forget that one.”

  - Student working at DNC Parks Resorts at Grand Canyon on the Placement Program.


“I went to Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming). It was amazing, wonderful, spectacular... I went to the Fountain Paint Pot, Grand Prismatic, natural waterfalls (Kepler Cascades...), Continental Divide, Old Faithful, Grand Canyon, Gallatin and Madison Rivers and Xanterra. I also went shopping to Bozeman and there I visited the Gallatin Mall, Ross store, Target, Wal-Mart, and a Thai Restaurant called Rice. I went hiking in the trails that we have near the housing. In the park, we saw many animals that we don't have in our countries, we met each other, had fun, took pictures and walked a lot. I have seen Bison, Elks, Moose, Fox, Hot Natural Pools, Geysers, Bacterial Mat... We also have had fires next to the apartments... I love this place.”

  - Student on the Independent program.


“I was able to witness celebration of Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. This event is the counter part of Day of Valor  both events commemorate the men and women who have died in military service. But I would say that celebration in the USA particularly in New Jersey is more colorful and festive. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day. This event also marked the recovery of jersey shore being devastated by hurricane Nov 2012. Everyone is in a festive mood including visitors from other countries. I myself felt the joy seeing people with happy faces. On May 28th  President Barack Obama came to jenkinsons and we had a chance to see him close up and I was able to shake hands with him. I was so happy and delighted with this encounter.”

  - Student working at Jenkinson’s Pavilion on the Placement Program.


“I have taken part in many cultural activites within the last 30 days. These include:

 Joining the 100 Mile Yellowstone Hiking Club. This is a group of people trying to achieve 100 miles of hiking by the end of the summer. So far I have hiked over thirty miles. While interacting with American members, as well as members of other nationalities. I have hiked Bunsen Peak, Purple Mountain, and Osprey Falls, among others.

I have visited many of Yellowstone's famous sights, and witnessed it's historic examples, and emblems of American culture; including The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which when witnessed from Artist's Point is one of the most famous and widely circulated visions of America. As well as this I have visited Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, Tower Falls, and other sights.

America has a grand tradition of enthusiasm for sport, and since my arrival I have played softball with American colleagues. Softball is uniquely American and works as a more accesible version of America's favourite past time

Outside the park I have been to Bozeman, Montana and visited many shops to sample simple American culture. Stores such as Walmart and Target, and eateries such as Arby's and Appleby's gave me an introduction to America that was previously unknown to me, and even though they seem basic, these places had a unique Ameican flavour, and helped me witness 'real', day-to-day American life.

Finally, though I worked late on the 4th of July, and couldn't attend fireworks or a parade, after work we were treated by American colleagues to how Independence Day is celebrated by families at home as we took part in an American trivia quiz, ate a traditional Steak dinner, and watched the famous American film Independence Day.” 

  - Student working at DNC Parks and Resorts at Yellowstone on the Placement Program.


“I went to Philadelphia for a second time, to Washington and to Hershey Park. I went to Washington with my job friends because Dorney organized a trip there. We left very early in a bus they had for us and we arrived around 10 in the morning. We started at the Capitol. We took the tour they offer there which lasts an hour more or less and learned about the way government is organized and what they do in each place. We decided to go to the Lincoln memorial. We walked through the park, took some pictures, and returned to the meeting bus which was right next to the air and space museum.”

  - Student working at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom on the Placement Program.


“There was a professional rodeo in Sheridan last Saturday so I went with my coworkers. The highlight of that rodeo is wild Indian relay races, where different Indian tribes compete against each other riding bareback. The best thing for me to see was Budwiser Clydesdale horses. After the rodeo there was a street dance. It is pretty neat, cause there's different bands playing and the whole downtown part of Sheridan was closed for traffic.”

  - Student on the Independent Program.


“I celebrated 4th of July by going to a reunion (party) at a friend’s house in Richmond. There was a lot of food and a lot of people. I saw the fireworks. I went to Washington DC two weeks ago. I saw the White House, and visited three or four museums because they were all next to each other. I also saw the Lincoln Memorial and took a lot of pictures! I learned how to play rugby here. We played Rugby and American football, that was good. I am still playing Soccer with my coworkers and supervisors.” 

  - Student working at Kings Dominion Amusement Park on the Placement Program.


“I went to the Boston Aquarium and it was amazing, they have a lot of fish and different types of marine animals, and I went with my friends.  Another activity was that I went to the Harvard campus, and to the Boston Gardens.”

  - Student working at the Residence Inn Portsmouth on the Placement Program.


“I went to an Indian museum, called the parsons. There was also an Indian trading post and museum where I got to see real Indian clothing of what they wore in there times, portraits of chiefs, real animal heads, and what there housing was like, it was interesting.”

  - Student on the Independent Program. 


“First and probably the bigger one is the trip to Philadelphia with my friends from Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was a group of 15 people. This city really surprised me. We saw a lot of sights. Secondly I was in Maingate, a new club in Allentown. Pretty good with all genres of music. Then I also visit a Dorney park with my friends when we have a day off. Especially when the weather is good for going to the Water park.”

  - Student working at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingom on the Placement Program. 


“On this Monday and Tuesday we went for a trip to Conway, NH. It is a beautiful area in White mountains. We enjoyed it very much. We swimmed in the lake, went for a walk to Diana´s bath and Cathedral edge and we also did Lost river gorge. Last week was very hot and humid so I spent most of my free time on the beach. One saturday afternoon I visited South Portland and did some shopping with my girl friends. Once in a while we go to the Palace Playland, an amusement park, which is located right in the centre of OOB and we take some rides. It is fun.”

  - Student on the Independent Program.


“I stayed in Brooklyn and it’s not far from me New York Aquarium. I had a lot of fun here, because I love sea and all animals living there. It’s a good place to spend some hours and take a lot of fun. Also I went to the Brooklyn botanic garden. There are a lot of exotic flowers, which I have never seen before. I think for every girl it will be interesting to visit BBG. I visited a Trinity Church, which is not far from Wall Street and Broadway. I am a religious so it was glad to me to spend some time in peace and thinking about God. Also its great architecture which take a breath when you are sitting here. Some days ago I visited a Statue of Liberty and Eliss Island. I think it’s really important to see such famous places because they are parts of US history. Before I thought that Statue of Liberty is much more bigger. ”

  - Student on the Independent program

"I went ziplining with some other participants at the adventure center at Wintergreen. I was so scared but the attendant talked me into it after about 5 minutes. It was fun!!! I attended the employees old fashion funday at Lake Manocon. I was so excited to attend this funday. Arriving at the funday I realized it was totally different from my country. There was no music and no rides (bounce a-bout etc). They had a canoe that me and 2 of my friends went on. It was so funny none of us knew how to move the canoe. Were there for about 2 minutes just going round and round in the same spot. I also went to the pool, steam room, hot tub and the sauna”

  - Student working at Wintergreen on the Placement Program


“About 3 times a night we were on the beach watching the stars was wonderful to watch are falling. My next new friend is an American football player and taught the rules as I know them now. Last week we were whale watch, it was a half-day trip on the boat and it was wonderful I never seen so big animal." 

  - Student working at The Ashworth by the Sea Hotel on the Placement Program.



Going Sightseeing! 

Going to a local County Fair!

Going to a Picnic with a View!

Going to a US Historic Building!

Going Shopping!

Going to A Museum!

Going on A Bike Ride

Going to the Beach!

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