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What Is A Cultural Activity?

Cultural Activity Ideas

  •  Doing cultural activities is a mandatory part of your program, and it is the best way for you to explore what your city, town, borough, or landscape has to offer! 


  • We define a Cultural Activity as  something that you, as the participant, are  physically doing outside of work, and that you are experiencing within the American Culture (on American soil, and/or with Americans).


  • The CCUSA Work Experience program requires that you do at least 1 cultural activitiy each week, which means that you should be writing about at least 3-4 cultural activities in your mandatory 30 day Check ins with CCUSA.

It's as easy as getting in a car and seeing where the road takes you!

​1. Get coworkers/friends together and organize an activitiy (board game, card game, or any group activity).

2. Play or watch a new sport.

3. Learn about local American culture and history by visiting museums and/or historic sites.

4. Organize a cooking or BBQ party.

5. Go sightseeing, hiking, or take a day trip - visit a new city or a national park. 


6. Enjoy various types of American cuisine. There is much more than just fast food!

7. Go see a live show or an American sport event. Hockey, basketball, football, baseball and more are all very popular.

8. Attend a Holiday Parade during American Holidays - President's Day, St Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day etc.

9. Attend local community events - library events, community center events, arts and crafts fairs.

10. Enjoy a ride in an amusement park.


11. Attend a music festival.


12. See a play, improv, or comedy show.


13. Participate or go to an open mic show.


14. Volunteer for a  great cause.

Where Can you Find Cultural Activities?

  • You can go to the "Cultural Activities in Your State" tab on THIS website to view cultural activities near you!


  • You can e-mail CCUSA and request cultural activity information.


  • You can find cultural activities online. Websites such as TripAdvisor often have the highest rated attractions near you.


  • You can organize group activities with your international and American friends.

  • You can check out your town's Chamber of Commerce.

Get a couple of friends together and go bowling!

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